Who we are

So, this is how our story actually began...

Two persons


Pavel met Jarda in the middle of a corridor on the first floor of their secondary school, or more precisely they nearly bumped into each other in confusion :-). Gradually they became friends and began to earn some money by moonlighting.



They both successfully passed their school-leaving exams and were admitted to a university. Thanks to their skilfulness the amount of moonlighting was growing and therefore they were soon in need of other six programmers who started helping them.



They decided to set up a limited liability company focused on mobile application development.

Mobile phone


They started to cooperate with Mibcon a.s. and together they created the following solutions: mib:SALE for salesmen , mib:DRIVE for drivers / deliveries, mib:FIELD for technicians and service, mib:WAREHOUSE for warehouse workers. This cooperation even deepened their specialization in development of mobile applications for field workers for whom these solution represent a significant help in their everyday work.



In 2014 they started a research and subsequently developed a new product called GET2point – a mobile application for data collection. In this context, in 2014 they concluded a contract with the business development agency Czechinvest for the provision of support within the CzechEkoSystem project.



At the beginning of 2015 Pavel met the last (for the time being) team member Anežka, who is in charge of sales and marketing.