Mobile application for field workers

We specialize in individual development of mobile applications for field workers. These are employees who work outside the office or move actively within the business premises, mainly salesmen, drivers, warehouse workers, technicians and research workers.

  • customized
  • simplicity
  • flexibility
  • offline synchronization
  • supervision over subordinate employees
  • saves time and money
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Mobile application for salesmen

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Mobile application for drivers

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Mobile application for warehouse workers

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Mobile application for field workers

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Cloud helper for field data collection and filling in questionnaires


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A detailed analysis is a crucial element of the whole process that truly matters to us. We really like searching for a common path to the best solution together with the company managers as well as the employees who will use the application in their everyday work. It is important that the future users of a specific mobile solution take part in creating the functionalities, since they are the ones who have the best knowledge of what they need for their work. We are glad to spend some time with them in the field, where we carry out a thorough analysis and make a solution proposal with the objective to create a first-class application with intuitive operation.

Custom development

Custom development

We also develop custom-made mobile applications for all major platforms: Android, iOS, Windows. We do the analysis, functionality proposal, development, implementation and connection to your information system. We are able to provide both a cloud and a desktop solution. In case you are interested in a draft and solution proposal, we are ready for the challenge.