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Mobile application for salesmen

Our mobile solution for salesmen can instantly provide you with valuable data from the field and enable you to improve the quality of your sales and marketing strategy.

This real-time mobile application provides your salesmen and filed workers with the access to important information. The salesman fills in the essential data right at the customer’s or after the visit and all data is automatically imported into your information system. Therefore it represents a considerable saving on time and money. The smartphone or tablet can be connected to Wi-Fi network, data tariff or it can work offline with a subsequent synchronization. At any time the salesman can monitor sales plan performance, number of meetings, quality achievement, number of orders and the like. The manager obtains an instant overview of salesmen, a possibility to optimize the range of products, to monitor competition, a tool for planning, assessing and supervising sales and marketing activities and a possibility of feedback to salesmen based on reporting.

  • Route plan and daily visits plan
  • Customer card, customer information
  • Payment discipline, invoices
  • Order (delivery) / Sale (out of the car)
  • Inspection of display
  • Reporting
  • Marketing questionnaires
  • Photo documentation of premises and display
  • Printing out documents incl. electronic signature on the display
  • Online connection to backend system
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Mobile application for drivers and deliveries

Our mobile application for drivers / deliveries can ensure and increase the efficiency of your logistics processes based on your needs.

This is a mobile solution for production, trading and distribution companies with their own haulage. The application serves the drivers as a delivery plan. Online communication and system connectivity provide a continuous knowledge of car location and stocks in individual cars. The manager can trace the actual route course including deviations.

  • Up to date stops plan including discharges
  • Takeback
  • Payment discipline, invoices
  • Loading e.g. returnable packaging
  • Stocktaking in the car
  • GPS navigation
  • Electronic signature
  • Document issuance – invoice, delivery note
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Mobile application for warehouse workers

A fully-fledged mobile helper for optimization of warehouse activities that can vary from the receipt, complaints, refunds, packaging, stocktaking and dispatching to loading to the car of the haulier.

This mobile solution is intended mainly for industrial and trading companies’ warehouse workers. This application enables warehouse management including process optimization which will generate a measurable outcome.

  • Receipt of goods to the warehouse
  • RFID and barcodes support
  • Direct connection to ERP/WMS
  • Item picking
  • Dispatching
  • Stocktaking
  • Industrial equipment support
  • Packaging
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Mobile application for maintenance and inspection technicians

A mobile solution for maintenance and inspection technicians, which will ensure smooth running of repairs and / or inspections.

This mobile application is intended for maintenance and inspection technicians who provide service, maintenance, field reading and the like to the customer. The application records the course and quality of the provided service.

  • Plan
  • Repair record
  • Instant overview of the progress of work
  • Photographic documentation
  • Warehouse
  • Component register
  • Attachments (manuals / service documentation)
  • Straight connection to ERP
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Mobile application for data collection

It is a readymade solution where you can easily customize your own forms or questionnaires. An easy and quick helper for data collection.

It is an efficient cloud helper for field data collection – filling in forms / questionnaires. It allows working off-line, employees work planning, possibility to attach documents to individual collection points (e.g. a contract, instructions manuals, photographs etc.) including electronic signature.

  • Marketing campaigns supervision
  • Filling in questionnaires
  • Completion and signing of contract
  • Checking the contractors
  • Service and repair work
  • Settlement of insurance claims
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